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It works on all system with all format !
The DTX200 USB memory is a modified version of the DTX200 adapted to be connected to a standard 34 pins connector. It can replace all 3.5inchs 5.25inchs and 8inchs floppy disk drive. Fully compatible with all systems on all formats, the plug and play floppy emulator can store up to 99 floppies in a single USB memory.

Features of a DTX200 MUSB -  Floppy Disk Drive emulator

34 pins standard connector

Dimension: 126mm x 96mm x 25mm
Capacity: store up to 99 floppies in 1 USB memory

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure): 2,000,000 Hours

dtx200 MUSB - USB floppy disk drive emulator
DTX 200 USB memory
DTX200 USB memory front view
dtx200 MUSB - USB floppy disk drive emulator front view demandededevisEN