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Guichon-Valves-logo-ISO-9001.png datex-logo SCSI hard disk drive emulator
List of DTX2100ST emulated disk:
If you find your SCSI drive in this list, you can be sure that we can emulate your material. If your drive is not in the list, don't be afraid to contact us for more informations.
The DTX2100ST is SCSI hard disk drive emulator which can emulate all existing SCSI hard disk drive. If your system uses an old SCSI disk drive, you can replace it by our DTX2100ST which uses a SSD to replace your SCSI. Heat and crash are real problems with SCSI disk and a lot of our client lost important data after a SCSI disk breakness. With the DTX2100ST, you can replace your SCSI disk with exactly the same features as the old disk, and your systems will not make the difference. You only need to replace your SCSI drive by our emulator to be sure that your data are stored in a safety place. DATA STORAGE is a reserved trade mark from Datex DSM.

Our DTX2100ST will have the same name and the same LBA number that your previous disk drive, which is often absolutely necessary for some systems which control the identity of the devices before starting.

Features of the DTX2100ST  - SCSI disk replacement for CNC and                                                             others systems.

Your scsi Disk image             - Same name
                                                  (ex : seagate ST34520)
                                                 - Same LBA numbers 
                                                  (ex : ST34520  =  8.888.924)                                                                                       
SCSI 50, 68 or 80 PINS
Selectable SCSI ID from 0 to 7 (50 PINS mode)
Selectable SCSI ID from 0 to 15 (68 & 80 PINS mode)
SCSI RAID CARD compatible

Dimension: 146 mm x 101 mm x 25 mm (3.5" standard)
Capacity: 1Mb - 512Gb

Max. reading speed: 320MB/s
Max. writing speed: 320MB/s
estimated write endurance: >80 years (for 10Go write/day)
estimated read endurance: unlimited

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure): 2 000 000 hours
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Replace SCSI Disk drive on CNC and others systems
Solid state SCSI disk drive