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TAJIMA has kept on continuous progress, playing an active role as the leading manufacturer by releasing top quality embroidery machines on the international market.

Exported to over 100 nations throughout the world Tajima machines, offer automatic multi-color embroidery and are highly acclaimed by the customers throughout the world as excellent machines incomparable to others.

To ensure the permanent realibility of those mashines we have adapted our floppy emulators so that it works perfectly with any models of Tajima machineries. Our Emulator emulates perfectly the original floppy drive ensuring and appears invisible to the system.

Here is a list of models where we have already placed our emulators:

Tagima TFGN series 1500/1200/900/600
Tagima TFSN series 912/915/920
Tagima TFMX / TFMX- series 1500/1200/900/600
Tagima TFMX-C series 1501/1201/901/601
Tagima TEJT-C "NEO" series 1501/1201/901
Tagima TFGN-C series 1500/1200/900/600
Tagima TFMX-C/TFMX-IIC series 1500/1200/900/600
Tagima TEMX-C series 1500/1200/900/600
Tagima TLMX series (Mixed type) 1500/1200/900/600
Tagima TLMX-100 series
Tagima TFGS series 1200/900
Tagima TFMS-IIC series 1200/900TFMS-C series 1201
Tagima TCMX-600 series 601/612/615/620
Tagima TCMX series (Mixed type) 61200/60900/60600

Tagima control Box:

DTX200 - Emulateur de lecteur de disquette
Compatible sur tous les systèmes avec tous les formats