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Front view in details

  • Led display for drive select, write protect and high density
  • Frontal buttons for floppy selection
  • Starting and operational in less than 10 seconds
  • Automatic back up on each access
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Easy Installation

The DTX200 has the exact dimension a standard 3.5" floppy drive. It was designed so that it can be easily be adapted to a larger casing if we the consumer needed to emulated 5.25" or 8" drives. Our floppy emulator are already pre-configured , tested before any delivery and are ready to be put in production as you receive the product.
The DTX200 FM and MFM Floppy drive emulator has a remarkably slim design that incorporates a larger display and a compact flash. From now on you will be able to back up all your data up to 99 floppies on one compact flash and you will even be able to those data through the world wide web and won't be having headaches with compatible format or what so ever. Our fm and mfm floppy emulator can replace all known floppies and works perfectly fine on all systems with all formats FM, MFM, all sectors 128, 256, 512, 1024Kb etc.. Datex-DSM worried for the everlastingness of your systems, and has developed the DTX-200 floppy drive and provide to consumers a more reliable peripheral.
Floppy drive emulator
More about the DTX 200

Our floppy drive emulator can emulate all known floppy drives and is design so that it may works perfectly on all systems. Our DTX200 floppy drive emulators can be customized to fit our clients needs and we even provide 5" and 8" casing on the user's request.
Digital display

We have integrated a digital display in our emulator so as to help the user in managing the multi-floppy functions. Now with the use of only 1 compact flash you can store up to 99 floppies and can manage through all those floppies with the help of the digital display.

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Detailed Specifications

The DTX200 FM and MFM floppy drive emulator uses a hotswap compact flash that can store up to 99 floppies. We can also provide physical adaptation and interface on request only.


  • Vibration and dust resist.
  • Failsafe system incoorparated in our floppy drive emulator to prevent failure.
  • Can emulate up to 99 floppies (Optionnal)
  • 2 Years Waranty

The DTX200 MFM and FM floppy drive emulator is compatible with all systems when properly configured. Our company can on request dispatch an engineer for finetuning of the MFM and FM floppy drive emulator on site.

Our emulators have been already been tested on the following systems:

  • IRMX86 Intel, Westinghouse systems, DEC
  • NEC PC 98XX
  • iRMX86 Sytems: INTEL, WESTINGHOUSE, etc..
  • NEC: PC 98XX
  • Tajima TMFX II-C, TMFX III/III-C, TTMEX-C901/1201, TMEX-C101, TMFXIV, TMLH, TMCE-601, TMCE-602/604, TMCE-60902/61202.
  • Brother BAS-401, 410, 411, 412, 412A, 416, 416A, 423, 423A, BAS-47, BES-110AF, 111AF, 1210AC, 1230AC, BE-12030, BAS-40, BAS-45, BAS-46, BAS-304, 304-A, 310, 311, 311A, 314A, 315A, 326, 326A, 340, 341A, 342A, 343A, 364, 366, 370, 375, 750, 751, 752, 753, 754, 755, 760.
  • ABB S3, IRB 1500
  • KUKA
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