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With the introduction of a new drive/controller to replace ST506/412 MFM interface type disk drives, a new remplacement sources is now being offered for Seagate, Maxtor, Micropolis and other MFM type disk drives. Because no new MFM disk drives are available, users have to use repaired drives for remplacements. Datex DSM now offers to his customers an MFM hard drive emulator that uses cutting edge technology to emulate older drives. The emulators works exaclty as an old traditional hard disk for the system while using flash memory to store all the data.

Features of a DWX300/500

Compatible with :
SEAGATE : ST225, 238, 251, 4038, 4096 etc...
MAXTOR : XT1085, XT1140, XT etc...
MICROPOLIS : 1325, 1355, etc ...
BULL : D530, 550, 570, etc ...
DIGITAL (DEC) : RD 50, 52, 54 etc....
PRIAM/VERTEX : V170, etc ...

High data reliability :
Datastorage Drive use SCSI interface technology. Error correction is resolved on-the-fly inside the drive. MFM Type Interface drives, based on older technology, report data errors to the controller, which signals drive failure after exceeding the preset error limits.

Lower power and heat :
Three and one-half inch SCSI disk drives used by DATASTORAGE require only half the operating power needed by Maxtor drives. The lower power causes less heat which extends system component life to improve total system reliability.

Easy installation :
DATASTORAGE remplacement Drives are Prom based and programmed to match your drive before being Shipped.

Increased warranty :
DATASTORAGE provides a full one year factory remplacement warranty, FOB Paris, France. This compares to a three month typical drive repaired warranty.
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DWX300/500 Hard drive Emulators
It works on all systems with all formats
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please see the new product DTX300