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Guichon-Valves-logo-ISO-9001.png datex-logo ST506 interface MFM Hard Disk Drive
The DTX300 is a hard disk drive emulator designed to replace any MFM, ST506 and RLL interfaces. The ST506 interface disks are no longer manufactured. Therefore, users have to get their disks repaired or replaced by some second hand disks, less and less reliable.

Datastorage , worried about the everlastingness of these systems, has developed the DTX300 in order for these customers to have a reliable storage device that will work on their systems.

Reliability increased in data transfer
The DATASTORAGE DTX300 uses a Compact Flash Card to store data. Access are ultra-fast, and risks of drive failure are almost non-existent, because the DTX300 has no mechanical parts moving. A preventive detection system is incorporated to deal with an eventual failure.

Backup on CF card
To have a very long lifetime of data recording, a SDRAM is used in dynamic operation and a Compact Flash card that saves the data when the power is off. Both SDRAM and Compact Flash card are removable.

No failure, No maintenance
Less heat is produced, therefore the electronics components have a higher lifetime and the system is more reliable.

Easy installation
The DATASTORAGE DTX 300 uses as much space as one ST506 half-height disk 3.1/2" and is designed to have the same features the disk to replace. It only has to be connected in place of the previous disk, in a completly transparent way for the system. Once the DTX300 has been formatted and the data had been loaded onto the DTX300.

Extended warranty
The DATA STORAGE DTX300 has a two years warranty with back to the factory, while the ST506 MFM drives have a warranty of only 3 months (maximum) after repair and failure rates ever higher.

*This document has no contractual value, the products may change at any time without notice.

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The DTX300 can replace the following disks :
  • DEC: RD53, RD54, RD32 ect... (All DEC)
  • SEAGATE : ST225, ST238, ST251, 4038, 4096 etc...
  • MAXTOR : XT1065, XT1085, XT1140, XT2190 etc...
  • MICROPOLIS : 1325, 1335 etc...
  • BULL : D530, D550, D570 , D585 etc...
  • PRIAM/VERTEX : V170 etc...

  • All iRMX86 systems (INTEL, WESTING HOUSE, MEASUREX etc...)
  • All iRMX86 controllers ( Exemple: iSBC214, SMS 8007 )
  • NEC PC98xx...
  • POINT 4
  • DEC

The DTX300 works on all systems included:
  • All iRMX86 systems (INTEL, WESTING HOUSE, MEASUREX etc...)
  • All iRMX86 controllers ( Exemple: iSBC214, SMS 8007 )
  • NEC PC98xx...
  • POINT 4
  • DEC
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DTX300 - MFM Hard Disk Drive emulator
Replacement of obsolete MFM Hard disk Drive
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