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DTX200 - Floppy Drive Emulator
It works on all systems with all formats
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Our DTX200 can be customized to satisfy the needs of our customers and are already pre-configured & tested before delivery. They are ready to be put into production as soon as you receive the product , See more...

There are three types of DTX200 for emulation floppy drives 3 " 5:
  • DTX200 Standard
  • DTX200 SLIM
  • DTX200 USB

DTX200 can replace all existing floppy drives, it works on any system with all formats.

DTX200 SLIM compared to DTX200 Standard, is thinner and is the same size as the floppy 26 Pins.

DTX200 USB has two interfaces:

  • A USB memory (using a USB to replace the flash card).

  • USB2.0 interface connector that replaces the 34pins cable, work with :  -  DOS format 1.44 MB                                                                                          -  DOS format 1.2 MB                                                                                            -  DOS format 720KB

We have integrated a digital display in our emulators to assist users in managing disks. Now, with using only one compact flash, you can store up to 99 disks.

  • Vibration and dust resistant.
  • A security system is integrated in our floppy drive emulator to avoid failure.
  • Can emulate up to 99 disks (optional)
  • 2 Years Warranty


The DTX 200, emulator of a floppy disk drives, is using a CompactFlash card to store data. Access time is faster than a floppy disk and failure risk is lower (no mechanical parts) , See more...
Compact Flash Card
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Compatibilities of DTX200
List of floppy drives
DTX200 Adaptation
DTX200 Standard
Floppy disk emulator DTX200 USB memory
DTX200 USB .png Capture.PNG Capture.PNG japan flag.jpg Floppy emulator DTX200 usb interface
Floppy disk emulator DTX200 USB interface